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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 21, 2016 12:52am-1:22am CDT

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>> now we get on a flight back home. >> no time for celebration? >> no time for celebration. >> we come back with you? you haven't got home? >> there's plenty of us, for two. >> you met my parents out there! >> i it, my mother called me and said i thought i saw you naked on tv. you ain't going to get me no more. my wife was not happy. >> i saw her come in the locker room and they're not coming over to me and i didn't have my clothes on and it's like oh no.
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(laughter) >> we've had a lovely weekend here in london celebrating all things nfl. >> i think we can safely say we have been your correspondents james and you know where to come for anything else. and one more thing we miss you g-bones. >> james: my thanks to the nfl and t my new hometown team the l.a. rams is playing this sunday in london at twickenham stadium on the nfl network! and there's more nfl on cbs this sunday -- don't forget to watch. we'll be right back with cher and gal gadot. >> reggie: london, the nfl in
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s overseas and millionaires like himself. i'll tell you what i think is missing in washington -- common sense. it's about investing in jobs and our economy. it's about investing right here at home. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. ? ? ? ? >> james: welcome back. now let's meet our guests tonight! she stars in the hilarious film "keeping up with the joneses".? it's gal gadot. she will be performing 'classic cher' at the park theater at
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starting in february 2017. it can only be cher! ? ? ? ? ? (cheering and applause) >> reggie: also cher. just cher, and ga dot. >> james: thank you folks so much for being here. so happy to see you. thanks for coming on our show. now cher -- (cheering and applause) are >> i'm with you.
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i'm not dead! >> james: this must feel kind of like home for you because when i walked here into cbs television city, i walked past many photos of you. >> i did sonny and cher here and my own is show here, it's like home. >> james: thank you so much for singing with me earlier. it was so fun! (applause) >> i nervous. >> james: i was wearing heels! i was interested when you first heard "i've got you babe" did you think that was a hit record? >> no. i was sleeping. we bought a piano for about $82, and it had only afew broken keys. we had only furniture for the bedroom and he would write in
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i want you to come here and sing this. i went oh sonny, i'm embarrassed. he said jesus it was just me. he said it's i've got you babe. i said i'm going back to bed. sonny had such a bad voice and it was on the piano and it sounded like i don't even know. sounded and i said the same them about turn back time. >> james: shut the front door! how could you ever think -- >> because diane ward did the demo and it was terrible. and i love her. as much as i love her, it was just -- and finally she said i'll pay for it. and you know diane warren. that's a big -- i said okay babe
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i'll do it. two takes that was it. >> james: she was here in the states -- >> are you kidding me? cher is like the queen of all queens. she is a legend! >> james: look at that! (applause) >> james: allegedly you are miss israel in 2004. >> yes. >> james: and did you part in ms. universe? >> weirdly i did. >> james: what was that line? >> i'll tell you what, when i went to compete in the mrs. world pageant i went for experience. >> james: me too, same reason. yeah. >> then i won and then they sent me to the ms. universe. and i got this thing winning
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win. i came down late, i wasn't wearing the evening gowns, i didn't wear any makeup but i was being naughty. it was in ecuador and i got to win so many lovely women. >> james: you got to meet donald trump. >> yeah yeah yeah very impressed with the hair. >> james: tell me where he touched you. >> you go to the military >> she would have grabbed him. >> james: for sure. >> then he would never have moved again. >> james: did you both watch the debate last night? >> yes. >> i just can't, i just can't. sitting in the bathtub like in tears and i was tweeting oh god please don't let him be the president! you know what, i worked for her
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this is dumb and no one understands it but i don't understand how this crazy man -- this crazy man be grabbing crotches, we're here! >> james: what did you think? >> i watched it, yeah, i watched it. it was very -- very it's like -- oh, i never watch it, i'm not an american. so why would i, right? but these ones are so crazy and it's like a carnival. you can't not watch it. >> james: i liked it when it was like a rat bowel. they were back at the podium, i think they should go further with it.
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baba! be music going to come out to what song and then trump comes up to like trump around, trump around, jump up and get down! it would be amazing! now cher i want to talk to you about your twitter needs because you tweet a lot and have you ever thought to yourself, ah maybe i shouldn't have tweeted that? >> ha ha ha! so often! >> james: really? >> oh so often. sometimes i'm really ashamed and i want to take it back and i think oh god, it was like going skiing you do that one run too many and it's over and you break your leg. >> james: you also use
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put i'm tired worked out, tomorrow go to put tractio trac. monday voice-over and then you put a ghost and clapping hands! >> well because i did a good job. i know i -- >> james: why would you say that? >> he's one of my favorites, he's very happy. no no no, before you album -- >> james: i'm not trashing it. >> i'm really like thick, i have this thought and i think i'm among all the young kids and it's that emojis are like high hyroglyphs -- and if egyptians were here we would be doing -- >> james: sure.
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punished because of what you did, you're getting punished because you lied what you did. and then you put a toilet! >> that's my symbol for trump! (cheering and applause) >> james: and now, you're right back on track now. on the way to trapping, i love it. now we're all over. gal are you an emoji us? >> yes i like them. >> james: i love an emoji! what do you go to an emoji? >> i like the one that goes like this. >> i do, too. >> james: oh interesting! >> i like this one too. >> yeah me too. >> james: what about now cher we have to talk to you because you are getting ready to perform
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monte carlo park theater. this is incredible. they're building the theater for pickup. >> that's not exactly true. >> james: that is first person to be there. that is power. i will come and do a show, would you build me an auditorium. >> this is not -- we like i've had 100 years of experience we suggested things that we felt would make everything go better and the things they liked they like they didn't take. >> james: it's going to be amazing. >> are you coming there to see me? >> james: am i coming? >> don't lie. >> james: are you joking? >> that's what i asked. >> james: i'll be there. front row in the outfit. are you coming? which cher are you going as? >> yes. >> james: you go mermaid cher. i'll go --
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>> this is good? >> well, kind of feel like a girl. when a girl is as beautiful as you, she doesn't have to be good. >> do you mind if i skip? >> hey good luck. >> felt like a (cheering and applause) >> james: that was a clip from "keeping up with the joneses". in theaters everywhere tomorrow. congratulation he. tell everyone who you play?
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married to jones they are both spice, everything goes wrong when they meet with their neighbors played by gail fisher and zack. >> what's harder playing a spy or training to be wonder woman? >> training to be wonder woman. >> james: why? >> for wonder woman for about five months. >> james: is it not about getting dressed incredibly quickly? >> i work on the twirl. >> james: just the spinning. >> we did horse-riding every day and you think horse-riding is an easy thing. >> james: i don't actually. >> it's painful. i always -- i didn't get it why people say it was a sport. the horse does all the -- no,
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so we did horse-riding and we did martial arts-fighting and we did lot of teamwork and it was painful and rewarding. >> james: incredible isn't it? should we go together? >> you're lying. >> james: i'm not, actually not. >> will you see me? >> james: i will never leave your side. do you have a question for our guests this evening? >> reggie: yes i do, tonight's question goes to gal. tonight's question will be asked by hagar. >> really? hi. >> many. >> of course, yes.
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question. seen next on here well done. >> i got a very deep question. and it was for those of you who did not understand. so it's a spaceship. >> james: a spaceship is that right? >> reggie: that is correct. >> james: ladies and gentlemen thank our brilliant guests, cher and gal .the kills when introducing clarifye,
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? ? ? ? ? ? >> james: performing "whirling eye" their fifth album "ash and i ? ? ? ? ? ? ? oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ? oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
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